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Vastra is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality Promotional T-shirts, Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Drifits and Uniforms that include Aprons, Photographer’s Jacket, Lab Coat, Safety Jackets, etc. Our custom designed Collared T-shirts, Round Necks, Compressed T-shirts and Dri fit T-shirts are used with corporate branding for Trade Shows, Product Launch, Conferences, Sports Events and even Road Shows.

We use Screen printing. Screen printing is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transferring a stencilled design onto a flat surface using a mesh screen, ink, and squeegee. We also do Embroidery on T-shirts. Printing and Embroidery is done on T-shirts to ensure your company logo is replicated in the way you desire it to be. We also ensure the quality of the colours on our T-shirts are consistent throughout the year..

Vastra believes in providing clients with great promotional ideas to ensure that their brand gets visibility with the logos printed on our T-shirts. We offer a wide array of promotional products in equal varying options of design, colours, sizes, etc. We perfect your designs in the best production facilities.

Logos are a symbol of identification that customers use to recognise your brand. At Vastra, we place your logo on our T-shirts for people to instantly connect the sight of your logo ensuring visibility and giving a promotional value to your brand. With this we also believe in providing Quality products at Competitive prices.

Call on: 9820146569 now to know how you can promote your logo on our T-shirts, no matter what is the quantity of your order, we assure the fullest satisfaction at Vastra..

Vastra is a registered trademark of Vastra India.



A polo t-shirt is perfect balance between casual and formal wear. It’s a formal than a crew neck tee and casual than a dress shirt. And works perfectly for summers. We have collared polo t-shirt available 48 colours for both men and women with size varying from small to 5XL. We guarantee colour fastness.


Qualities of collared polo t-shirts – 220 gsm in 100% cotton

This is a slim fit style polo t-shirt who enjoy thin material without compromising on the quality.

230 gsm in 100% cotton

This polo t-shirt is one of the best-selling. It is a thinner material compared to 260 gsm& 280 gsm. It is a breathable fabric and is really good for the summers.

260 gsm in 100% cotton

This polo t-shirt is slightly thicker than others giving a good shape to the body with a comfortable fit.

280 gsm in 100% cotton

These polo t-shirts are also thick but the knit style gives a softer feel and falls well on the body.

220 gsm in polyester cotton polo

This quality is best for daily wear cause of the perfect blend of polyester and cotton.

250 gsm t-shirt with lycra Made from fine cotton yarn and 3% lycra. This can be great for sportswear as it allows flexibility.

Collared Polo T-shirts with Tipping Tippings on the collar and cuffs make it different from plain polo t-shirts giving your desired T-shirt a more attractive look. These are available in 24 colours. Collared T-shirts with Double Tipping Double Tipping on the collar and cuffs are for the ones who don’t settle for the basic. This not only makes it more attractive but also gives a good contrast to the T-shirt that you’ve picked. These are available in 30 colours.


Sweatshirts are one of the most used garments all throughout the year. The material is thick cotton and have lining inside to absorb the moisture. The quality of material used allows flexibility and covers the torso and arms. Hoodies are sweatshirts with hoods. Hoodies are a great way to look cool and casual while being comfortable. These are available in popular colours.


A round neck t-shirt is a t-shirt that has round and collarless neckline. It’s a great informal garment. Regardless of the weather these can be worn all throughout the year. They look even better if layered with our zipper hoodies. The quality of the round necks are available in 130 gsm, 145 gsm, 160 gsm, 180 gsm and 220 gsm.


A shirt is a formal garment with a collar, sleeves with cuffs and a full vertical opening with buttons. These are great for corporate bulk buy. These are comfortable and formal for daily work wear with your logo printed or embroidered exactly the way you want from us. We have a wide range of fabric options ranging from 100% cotton, polyester cotton to polyester viscose with options of Chambray, Filafil, Oxford, hosiery and solids.


Caps have gone from a sporting utility to a fashionable must have. Caps can be a great way of promoting your logo and for it to be seen. Caps can been worn in a casual wear or sportswear. Minimum quantity of 1000 pieces is required. Types of caps available-
5 Panel Caps, 6 Panel Caps, Dual Tone Panel Caps, Denim Caps, 5 Panel Dual Tone, 6 Panel Dual Tone & Sunshades.


Screen Printing is the go to print for many reasons. T-shirt screen printing is affordable and will last the life of an apparel product. It is most advantageous when printing a simple, spot colour design. Wholesale t-shirts each having a logo to give your brand its visibility. We manufacture t-shirts according to the users comfort. If you have and organisation with employees performing duties that sometimes can be hazardous you the importance of high visibility safety apparel. Custom printed safety vests can function in the capacity of protecting your employees in dangerous situations but they also become an avenue to advertise your business.


Have you ever been in a crowd and noticed someone wear a T-shirt with a printed logoand a seemingly random phrase or a catchy logo and it meant something to you? T-shirts with logos can be open doors and become a resource for introductions, recognition of commodities and can even be a gateway for new partnership possibilities.Personalised logos on Personalised t-shirts are very important while promoting the garment as you want your logo to highlight on the garment.


Being a t-shirt manufacturer in Mumbai many people fail to understand basics concepts when it comes to maximise the quality of embroidery designs. Higher the quality of design higher the quality of the embroidered article. If your logo has a lot going on it, the best way to get a good result is to keep it big. Embroidery on garments also affects based on the fabric being embroidered. Sweatshirt and Hoodies will have more of a pull that will be able to take thinner texts. T-shirts on the hand pull in the fabric and distort thin texts.


Compressed T-shirt is a printed t-shirt that is compressed into compact shape. Compressed-shirt is completely unique from start to finish making it an excellent medium of advertising and gifting. We print your desired customised logos onto a 100% cotton t-shirt, the compress it into the shape that you want with full colour insert that transforms the shape of the t-shirt into a 3D design that promotes your brand in a unique way.

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